Adding an active hyperlink to an Excel spreadsheet

In many Office 2013 applications, pasting a URL into the document or file will automatically make it a clickable link. Excel 2013 is different, in that you have to click back into the cell to make it active.

In the image below, I pasted the URL for SparkOne into cell B2:


When I click into cell B3, the URL isn’t active or clickable. It’s basically just a line of text:


To make it active, I have to go back into cell B2 and double-click that cell. Then when I move away from the cell, the link will be active:


You can make the link be active as soon as you click away if you double-click the cell you’re pasting the link into. If I double-clicked cell B2 and then pasted the link in there, then it would be active as soon as I clicked away from that cell. I wouldn’t have to go back into it again.

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