Excel Hyperlinks… more than just web addresses

Most of the time when someone mentions “hyperlink”, I think “web address”. But a hyperlink can be so much more, and Excel makes it easy for you to explore the possibilities.

To see the various hyperlinks you can recreate, right-click in a cell and choose the Hyperlink option at the bottom of the menu:


An Edit Hyperlink dialog box will appear, and it gives you the various options.

Existing File or Web Page allows you to link to a web site or a file on a shared drive. My example here goes to my C drive on my computer, so that wouldn’t be very useful for someone else using this spreadsheet. But it may be perfect if this is a personal spreadsheet that lives on my computer:


Place in This Document allows you to link to a different cell or page in your Excel spreadsheet. This could be useful if you want to allow people to quickly jump to various worksheets:


Create New Document will allow you to create a new document simply by clicking the link. You can also designate whether you’ll create it for later use, or whether you’ll immediately open it up for editing. Think of using this one if you have a “how to” or instruction document that involves creating a new file:


Finally, E-mail Address allows you to set up a link that will automatically open up a new email when someone clicks on it. In addition to pre-configuring who receives the email, you can also set up a pre-formatted Subject line:



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