Lining up your PowerPoint content on a slide

Some people are blessed with the ability to eyeball the alignment of content on a slide, and it is dead on. I’m not one of those people. I need a little extra help. Today’s tip shows you how to make aligning content on your PowerPoint slide a lot easier.

Here I have a sample slide with an image and two text boxes. In order to activate gridlines, I right-click somewhere on the slide that doesn’t have content on it, and I select the Grid and Guides option:


The Grid and Guides dialog box has three options that I suggest turning on. Snap Objects To Grid will line up the elements on the page based on the grid layout. Display Grid On Page actually shows the grid lines. Finally, Display Smart Guides When Shapes Are Aligned will give you a visual indicator when two elements are in alignment with each other, either centered or aligned along the top, bottom, or sides.


Here is what my slide looks like with the grid turned on, and now it’s easier to make sure things are aligned with each other:


And this slide shows the Smart Guide alignment (the thin red line dissecting the middle minion). That tells me that the center of the image and the center of my text box are in alignment:


I’ve gotten to where I just leave these options on all the time, as it makes slide creation and layout so much easier.

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