More keyboard shortcuts for Excel

After last Friday’s tip about selecting entire rows and columns in Excel, some coworkers sent me a couple more keyboard shortcuts that they find very useful (as do I!)

If you’re in an Excel table and you want to go directly to the last cell (without having to scroll to find it), press CTRL-SHIFT-END, and the last cell in the table will be highlighted:

excel-keyboard-shortcuts-20170307-1 - Copy

Another cool trick is being able to click a cell and then select all the cells to the top, bottom, left, or right of that cell. To do that, press CTRL-SHIFT, followed by the cursor arrow keys on your keyboard.

In this example, I clicked on cell B8, and then pressed CTRL-SHIFT-Up Arrow key. The column was highlighted from B8 to the top of column B:

excel-keyboard-shortcuts-20170307-2 - Copy

Here, I clicked B8 and pressed CTRL-SHIFT-Right Arrow key. The row was highlighted from B8 to the end of the row in column D:

excel-keyboard-shortcuts-20170307-3 - Copy

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