Setting notification options for Persistent Chat in Skype for Business

If you’re like me, you belong to one or more Persistent Chats in Skype where the information requires immediate attention when posted. You have a number of options available for fine-tuning the level (and annoyance) of notifications in your groups, both as a default and for custom settings for a specific group.

To change a specific group’s notification, go into the Persistent Chat list, right-click on the group in question, and select Change Notification Settings:


You have the option to set the notification for that chat to either use the default chat settings (right after this image), or to customize them:


If you want to have all your chats use a single method, select Tools > Options:


Under Persistent Chat, you can set the default options you want your chats to use if you haven’t specifically customized one of them:


Hope that helps!

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