Emailing all the members of a Microsoft Teams workspace

Sandra made a *huge* discovery the other day when it comes to trying to email all the people who are part of a Microsoft Teams workspace. Up until now, we’ve been recommending that people use a distribution list and that they manually keep it in sync with the members of the Teams space. Very cumbersome, but we didn’t have a good way around that… until now. Here’s how you can use a single email address to notify everyone in a particular Team, and even invite them to meetings…

When you’re in your Teams space (the one where you want to email everyone), click on the ellipsis and Open in SharePoint:

To set up the feature, click on Conversations:

Once the Outlook client opens up, click the ellipsis at the top of the inbox and select Settings:

Under Group Settings, select Edit Group:

Scroll down to the bottom of the About section and make sure the Subscription box is checked. That will allow everyone to get the emails when you send them. Click Save after that is done:

To get the email address, go back to the SharePoint site and either hover over or click on the name of the SharePoint site:

You’ll see a pop-up for the site. Click on the Send email link:

A new email will launch in Outlook. The email address that appears in the To field is an address that will send an email to everyone who is part of the Microsoft Teams space:

Even better… you can use that same email address to send invites to a meeting for everyone in the Teams space:

When you open up the invite after you send it, you’ll still just see the email address in the Required field. But as people Accept, they will show up as individual names in the Optional field. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see a full list of who all was invited:

Feel free to try this out in your Microsoft Teams space. It’s a great way to easily contact everyone without any hassles. And THANK YOU to Sandra for figuring out this awesome feature!

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