Using @Everyone in Microsoft Teams group chats

You’ve likely been in a Microsoft Teams group chat where you wanted to make sure everyone in the chat got pinged that there was a message there. However, trying to @ mention everyone individually is a major pain. Now, you can use @Everyone in a Teams group chat will get the notification ping that you sent a message. Here’s how that works…

When you’re in the group chat, start by putting the @ symbol in the chat bar. You can also follow it up with a couple of letters to make sure all you see is the Everyone option in the list. Click on that option:

Once you put the rest of the message in the chat bar, send it. The @Everyone keyword will show up at the start of the message, and everyone will get a notification in whatever fashion they have notifications set to fire on their Teams client:

As with all features that affect everyone in a chat, make sure you don’t overuse this (like sending all your messages to @Everyone). If it’s overused, people will start to get “@Everyone fatigue” and ignore you. 🙂

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