Deleting your chats in Microsoft Teams

If you’ve used Microsoft Teams for any length of time, you know your list of chats can grow pretty long in a relatively short period of time. Trying to scroll through the list of chat to find one that you really want to look at can be a pain. Now, Microsoft Teams will let you delete chats in your chat list, and it only affects the chat on your own Teams client. Here’s how that works…

When you see a chat you want to delete, hover over the chat entry, click on the ellipsis, and select Delete chat:

You will get a confirmation dialog box to make sure you really want to delete the chat. If so, click Delete:

This is different than just hiding the chat. Hiding a chat means it doesn’t appear in your list, but you’re still part of the chat. If you delete the chat, you are also removed from the chat. Keep in mind this doesn’t remove the chat from the Teams client for others. It’s just for you.

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