Delayed send on Microsoft Teams chat messages

This is a change that I’ve been waiting *months* for! You can now type a message in a Teams chat and choose to send it at a later date! This is great when you cover a number of time zones and you don’t want to have people responding to your messages during times when they might normally not be working. Here’s how it works…

To start a delayed message, type in your message and then right-click on the Send icon. That will bring up a dialog box for what date and time you want to have it sent. Once you pick the date and time parameters, click Send at scheduled time:

You’ll see a message saying when the message will be delivered. If that’s the date and time you were wanting, then click the Send icon:

The message will show up in your chat history, and there will be a message (and clock icon) showing you when the message will actually be delivered to the recipient:

Once that time arrives, the message will look like any other message in your chat, and the recipient can now see it.

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