Forms: Distribute your forms by using Teams as a new channel

Microsoft has a new feature for Forms that allows you to publish the form directly to a channel in Teams (instead of having to get a link and post it somewhere). Here’s what that looks like…

Here I have a simple Microsoft Form, and I’m ready to publish it. To do so, I click on the Collect responses button in the upper-right corner:

In this case, I want to publish it directly to Teams, so I click on the Teams option and type in part of the name of the channel. Any matches will show up in the dropdown. It will show distribution lists, Teams chats, and Teams channels that match your search term:

Now that I have the channel selected for publishing, I click on Send:

Forms tells me that the message has been sent!

And now if I go into the channel I selected, I’ll see a nicely formatted entry letting people know a Microsoft Form has been published, and they should click on the Start now link to open the form and respond:

I really like how easy it is to send a Form or quiz over to a Teams channel with no friction or hassle!

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