Using Section Template on Microsoft SharePoint Online pages

For each section on a SharePoint Online page, you can add a number of web parts, such as image and text web parts, to make attractive pages. However, if you’re like me, you may not have a keen eye for design and layout. Microsoft is making that a bit easier now by giving you Section Templates on the pages. Here’s how that works…

When creating a new section on a page, you now have the Templates option. This provides the following six layout options – one column image and texttwo column image and textthree column image and texttwo column vertical image and textone-third left image and text, and one-third right image and text:

In this example, I used the three-column image and text option. The template divides the section into three parts, and adds the image and text web parts:

I added some images, gave the images alternative text, and provided some text underneath each one:

When you choose a layout, you’re not stuck with it. You still have the ability to change the number of columns, add new web parts, and so forth. In this example, I edited the section and changed it to a two-column layout. It kept the first two images in one row and moved the third image below them:

Once I publish the page, I have a nice looking layout that I didn’t have to struggle to get:

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