Splitting up the Collect Responses and Collaboration options in Microsoft Forms

When Microsoft Forms first came out, there was a single button that had the options for both collecting responses from people and for letting others collaborate on building your form. Unfortunately, this often led to people getting links to collaborate when in reality they should have only been able to respond. Now, Microsoft has split those two options out to clarify the options. Here’s what that looks like…

There is now a Collect responses button, and it only allows you to send out notifications to people who need to respond to the form. You can pick who can access the form, generate a short URL link to make things less messy, and any text that should go out in the email to invite people to respond. When you click Send, people will get the link to respond:

It’s less common to have people collaborate on a form you’re building out, so that option, Collaborate or Duplicate, is part of the Options ellipsis dropdown:

In that option, you have the ability to send people a link to be able to edit the form, or a link that allows them to duplicate your form as a “template” so they can build something similar:

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