3D (Fluent) emoji in Microsoft Teams

Another change that hit my Microsoft Teams desktop client is the change to the emoji palette. Instead of the flat 2D emoji, they are now “3D” and have some depth. The formal name that Microsoft calls the styling is Fluent emoji. Here’s what they look like, as well as hidden trick for the people emojis…

When you click on the emoji icon in a Teams chat, you’ll now see the new emoji palette with the 3D styling:

And if you click on the People emoji, there’s a hidden feature. Right-click on any one of the emoji, and a pop-up will show you the same emoji with six different skin tones you can use:

So I have to be a bit honest here…. When I first saw this on the roadmap, I was “Really? All the things that Microsoft could be working on, and we get 3D emoji????” I’ve also gotten feedback about the “creepy emoji” that are now showing up. However, this was before someone explained the addition of all the various skin tones for greater inclusiveness, and now I get it. Well done, Microsoft…

For more information, read Microsoft Teams now has new 3D emoji.

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