Creating a Calendar view on a SharePoint list

While using regular views on a SharePoint list works for many use cases, there are times where displaying list items in a calendar view format works even better. You can now create Calendar views on a SharePoint list, and it’s pretty slick how it can work. Here’s how to make that happen…

When you create a new view for a SharePoint list, you have the option to select Calendar as the view type. You then specify what date in the list should be used for where it appears on the calendar, as well as what field will be displayed for that list item. Once done, click Create:

In this example, I have the Tom Duff item appearing on the 20th. I also created an entry for Sally Jones, but I didn’t fill in any Application date value. Therefore, it appears in the Unscheduled panel on the right side of the view:

I can drag and drop the item from the Unscheduled pane onto any calendar date:

And it now shows up for that particular date:

Even better, the view automatically sets the Application date value to whatever date you put the item on:

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