Hide your own video in Microsoft Teams

If you’re in a meeting where multiple people are sharing their videos, you can experience “meeting fatigue” as your brain struggles to process all the moving images. Even worse, the brain tends to focus even more on *your* video, causing even more mental stress. Or… you just may not like to look at yourself. 🙂 Now you can hide your video on your Microsoft Teams display by using the Hide For Me feature in Microsoft Teams. Here’s what that looks like…

Here’s a Microsoft Teams meeting where I have my video turned on. I may want or need to have my video turned on, but I really don’t want to be staring at my own face…

By right-clicking anywhere on my video image, I can select Hide for me from the pop-up menu:

My image will still be visible for others, but it’s no longer a distraction for me. The video image is collapsed in the lower right corner. If I want to expand it back out, I can just click on the up arrow on the collapsed image:

To read a bit more about this feature, check out Microsoft Teams to Tackle Meeting Fatigue with new “Hide Your Own Video” Feature.

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