Muting Microsoft Teams notifications during a Teams meeting

When I’m trying to monitor the chat in a Teams meeting, I find it highly frustrating that the pop-up notification banners end up overlaying the area where I’m trying to type in a chat response. All I want is a way to stop the notifications for a particular meeting I happen to be in. Now I have a way to mute those notifications. Here’s how that works…

To mute notifications for a specific meeting, click on the More ellipsis, and select the Mute notifications option. That will mute notifications for that meeting only. To turn notifications back on for the meeting, select the More ellipsis again, and the Allow notifications option:

If you want to mute notifications for all meetings, go into the Teams settings and select Notifications > Meetings and Calls:

In the Meetings and Calls area, turn on the option to Mute notifications during meetings and calls:

For more information on this feature, check out Mute notifications during a meeting in Teams.

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