Creating a Board View in a SharePoint list

This is a new feature that I’ve been waiting for, and Sandra found that it hit our tenant the other day! You can now create a Board View for a SharePoint list. Imagine having a kanban-style view where you can drag and drop items between columns and have the status update automatically. Here’s how it works…

When creating a new view in your list, you have the option to show as > Board:

You also select the column you want to use for your “swim lanes”. This will create a separate lane for each value you have in that column. In this case, I select the Status column and then click Create:

And here’s your Board view… separate lanes for each Status value you have:

What’s cool is that you can click and drag an item from one column to another:

And the Status column is updated to the value of the lane it was moved into:

To modify the Board view, click on the dropdown view arrow and select Customize Card:

You can choose which columns you want to have appear on the card:

And at the very bottom, you have the option to have the card show the column name as the label above the column value:

PLEASE NOTE: This is only available for SharePoint lists. It is *not* available for SharePoint libraries.

For more information, check out How to set up and use the Board View in Microsoft Lists.

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