Visio for the web is now available in Microsoft 365

Visio is a great tool for creating diagrams and visual process flows, but getting the Visio desktop client often has an additional cost associated with it. Now in many of the Microsoft 365 plans, there is a browser-based version of Visio that allows you to create basic diagrams and collaborate with others on them. Here’s how it works…

To launch Visio for the web, go to

You can choose from some basic templates or go for a completely blank starting point. Here, I’m using the basic diagram template:

On the left-side navigation, I can select from a palette of basic shapes, and drag them over to my diagram:

There’s also a palette of arrows to connect the shapes:

You also have the ability to share the diagram with others, collaborate on it in real time, and leave comments to be acted on by others:

This is definitely NOT a replacement for the Visio desktop application if you have more complex Visio diagrams with automation and such. But for the majority of simple diagrams you may create, this can be an easy and cost-effective way to get them built.

For more information, check out Overview of Visio for the web and Visio for the web: FAQ.

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