OneDrive now has photo editing capabilities

If you have images stored in OneDrive, it’s now easier than ever to do basic image manipulation to make them look perfect for your site. OneDrive has a new set of photo editing features, and here’s how they work…

In my OneDrive, I have a file that’s a photo of me. This one happens to be in a .jpg format, but this also works for .png files:

With my image displayed, I can click on the Edit option:

With the Crop option selected, you have controls at the bottom of the image to rotate, flip, or adjust the angles of the image:

You can also use the Crop handles to change what appears in the image:

With the Adjustment option, you can change the lighting and color of your image:

And with the Filter option, you can use some pre-packaged filters to change the overall look of the image:

And if you decide that things don’t look good, you can always use the Reset option to get back to the original.

For more information, check out OneDrive’s new photo editing features and more.

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