Grouping your Microsoft Forms into Collections

One of the common complaints about Microsoft Forms is that there isn’t a way to group your forms into some logical (to you) organization. Now with the addition of Collections, you can group *your* forms to keep track of them better. Here’s how that works…

To create a new Collection, scroll down to the bottom of your displayed forms and click on All My Forms >:

At the top of the screen, click on the link for New Collection:

In the Create a new collection dialog pop-up, enter a Collection name and click Create:

You’ll now see your Collection at the front of your My Forms section:

To add a form or quiz, just drag and drop it over to the Collection box. Please note… this only works for forms or quizzes that you created, and it doesn’t appear to work for polls:

Sample Quiz now shows up in My Test Collection and not in the list of individual Forms:

For more information, check out Manage and organise your forms and quizzes with Collections.

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