Setting the default open method for files in Microsoft Teams

If you open files in Microsoft Teams, you may have noticed that they might open in the browser, in the desktop client, or directly in Teams. I didn’t know you could actually control your default method for opening files in Teams, but Jennifer Andre shared a way to do that which blew me away… and now I’ll share it with you. Here’s how it works…

In your Teams client, click on the ellipsis, then click on Settings:

In the Settings panel, select General and scroll to the bottom of the options:

Under Files, click on the dropdown arrow for your file opening options:

You can select to have your files in Teams open in the Teams client, the associated desktop app (like Word), or the browser:

This setting only affects the way files will open for you, so you and I could have different preferences, and it doesn’t matter.

This is a great setting to have things work the way that makes the most sense for your style of working.

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