Using the Calendar Board in Outlook on the Web

The web-based version of Outlook has a new feature that is great for people who live in their calendar… it’s called the Calendar Board. This is a new calendar format that allows you to add various widgets that live next to your calendar, and it potentially means you’ll need to do less switching between other parts of Outlook. Here’s how it works…

Here’s what my calendar normally looks like…

However, if I click on the Week dropdown, I have a new option called Board. I can select the Default board, or I can create a new one (which means you can have multiple boards!):

Out of the box, here’s your default Board. It has your calendar, your Tasks list, an area for Notes, and a Tips widget:

Using the Add to board menu option, I can select from a sizable number of widgets to customize the board to show information that’s important to me:

After a few minutes, here’s what I had my board looking like… In addition to the calendar and tasks, I have two Goal widgets, a clock widget for the two time zones I work in, two weather widgets for those same two locations, and a widget for a file I want to have easy access to. The widgets are resizable, and the board is scrollable so you can go beyond just your visible screen size. Once you have the board the way you want it, you can use the Lock view option to make sure nothing gets moved around inadvertently:

This is a great way to re-think the way you view your calendar in Outlook. If you want more information on each of the widgets available, check out Outlook Calendar Board View: Explained.

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