Using the Gallery View in a Microsoft List

As part of all the recent changes to lists in SharePoint Online, there’s a new view format you might want to check out… the Gallery View. This is an interesting way to display list data, especially if it involves images. Here’s how it works…

Here we have an Asset Manager list that shows the device image and various pieces of information about the device. We’re using a normal view to start with:

To change the view to Gallery format, click on All Items > Gallery:

Now we have a separate card for each device item, along with an easy-to-view image of the device:

Now, if you want to change the particular fields that show up in the card, click on All Items > Format Current View:

In the Format view panel, click on Edit Card:

You can select/remove fields to display on the card, along with what order the information should be displayed. Once you have the layout changed, click Save:

If you want to permanently change this particular view to be displayed in the Gallery format, make sure to use the Save view as option to save your overall changes:

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