Adding comments to SharePoint Online List items

One of the latest features that’s been added to SharePoint Online (and Microsoft) Lists is the ability to comment on a particular list item. Much like when you add comments to Word or Excel documents, you can now do the same for list items. Here’s how it works…

Here’s a SharePoint Online list that tracks issues. I’ve added one list item, and there’s now a new Comments icon that allows you to add a comment to the item. Click on the icon to open the Comments pane:

In the Comments pane, you have an area to add your comment. When you’re done, click on the Send icon:

The comment is now stored with the list item with the name of the person who entered it, as well as the time of the comment:

In the view, the Comments icon now changes to one that has an ellipsis within the comment box. That says there’s at least one comment (hover over it to get the comment count), and you can click on it to display the Comment pane and see all the comments on the item:

Of course, with all new features, there are some caveats. Here are the following things to keep in mind based on Microsoft’s roadmap entry for the feature:

  • Comments follow the permission settings inherent in SharePoint and Microsoft Lists.
  • Users with read-only permission can only view comments.
  • Those with list edit permission can make comments as well as delete comments; editing comments is currently not possible.
  • Classic lists that are not yet built to show up in modern user interfaces, like task Lists, will not have this commenting feature.
  • Commenting on lists in Teams is not available with this release.
  • Comments are not indexed by Search.

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