Using Undo/Redo in SharePoint Online Lists

Have you ever been making updates in a SharePoint Online list using Grid View, and you notice that you incorrectly updated a field that’s updated the list item… or worse, deleted something that shouldn’t have been deleted? Well, you’ll love the new Undo/Redo feature in SharePoint Online lists. Here’s how it works…

In this example, I’m deleting a list item in the Grid View by selecting the item and clicking the Delete option:

After doing so, the list item no longer appears. However, the Undo option is now active, and I can click on it to recover the deleted list item:

Voila! The item is back!

A couple of things to keep in mind… This feature *only* works when using the Grid View. It does not work if you’re updating your list item content using a form. Also, your standard keyboard shortcuts for Undo/Redo also work.

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