Cumulative analytics for SharePoint hubs

If you use Hub sites in your SharePoint Online environment, you have probably at some point have wished you could get statistics that show numbers across all the sites attached to a particular Hub site. Now you can with the cumulative analytics in the Site Usage page for your Hub site. Here’s how it looks…

Go to Site Contents and select the Site Usage option. Provided you’re in a Hub site, you will have the option to switch from Site usage data to Hub usage data:

The Hub usage analytics accumulates and reports on the statistics for the Hub site and all the sites attached to that Hub site. Here, you get Overall traffic for unique visitors and total number of visits:

Next, you get Popular content statistics for all the sites and site pages. If you hover over the links under Site pages, you’ll see the full URL show up at the bottom of your screen, and that will point you to what site that page is part of:

You get the same types of counts for News posts and Documents also:

This is a great addition to a Hub owner’s toolkit when it comes to managing their site and determining what sites should or should not be attached.

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