Contextual search in Microsoft Teams using CTRL-F

Being able to find certain words in a document using CTRL-F is one of the most useful features in applications like Word. That same ability now makes its appearance in Microsoft Teams. Here’s how it works…

Since this is “contextual” search, you need to be in the chat or channel where you want to find the particular search term. In this case, I’m in a chat with Sandra Mahan, and I want to find the mentions of the word “uservoice“. When I pressed CTRL-F, the command bar changed to /find with the name of the chat/channel I’m searching in. I type in “uservoice” and press Enter:

The Results panel lists all the particular entries in my chat with Sandra that have the word “uservoice“:

If I click on one of the entries in the Results panel, it takes me to that particular chat entry where the word was used:

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