Quick Polling with Outlook on the Web

There are many times when you want to take a quick survey via email for some topic… like what everyone might like for lunch. You can do that with the Quick Polling feature in Outlook on the Web. It’s very easy to use and gets you the answers you need with very little effort. Here’s how it works…

First off, it’s best to go into the Outlook options under Mail > Customize actions > Toolbar and select Poll as an option you’ll see in the mail toolbar:

Now when you create a new email, you’ll see the Quick Poll icon in the toolbar. Click that icon, and you’ll see the Poll panel to fill in the name of the poll, the options in the poll, and whether multiple answers will be allowed:

Once you have the title and all the options in place, click Insert poll into email to send it off:

When you receive the email, you can select the options that apply to you and then click Vote:

You can also review the results from within the email, so you don’t have to go anywhere other than your inbox:

Just an FYI… the poll is actually powered by Microsoft Forms, so you’ll need to have access to Forms in order to make this work.

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