Suggested Replies for Outlook on the Web

If you’re used to using an email application like Gmail, you’ve likely seen (and used) the Suggested Replies feature, where short one-click answers are provided to speed up your email processing. Outlook on the Web now has that same feature, and it’s pretty cool. Here’s how it works…

In this email using Outlook on the Web, I have three suggested replies that I can use with a single click:

In this case, I chose “You’re welcome”, clicked the button, and a Reply to All email was generated with that as the text:

If you look back at the first image, you’ll also see where I have an opportunity to offer Microsoft feedback on the “suggested suggestions”, and whether they were helpful or not. If I click No, it gives me an opportunity to explain why if I click OK:

You have some predefined options for why they didn’t work for you, but you also have an area to go into more depth as to why the suggestions weren’t proper in your opinion:

Starting today, I’ve completely switched over to using Outlook on the Web, so I’m guessing I’ll be using this feature a lot now. 🙂

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