Decluttering your Microsoft Teams list of workspaces

After you’ve been using Microsoft Teams for a bit, there’s a good chance you’ll “collect” a large number of Teams that you’re part of. That can make your list of Your Teams long and unwieldy. Fortunately, there’s a new feature that will keep that list under control and hide the Teams that you don’t use as much (or at all). Here’s how that works.

When I started my Teams client today, I saw a message saying that my Personal Random Work-related Tasks Test Team had been moved to my Hidden Teams area on the left-side navigation:


When I expand out the Hidden Teams area, I can see that Team along with other ones that have been hidden since I don’t use them much any longer:


However, I don’t have to leave that Team in the Hidden area. If I click on the Ellipses icon for that Team, I can use the Show option to put it back in my active Teams area:


And there it will remain until I don’t use it again for a period of time… 🙂


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