Adding a link to a Word document using CTRL-K

I will admit that I’m a mouse person, in that I don’t use a lot of keyboard shortcuts. But this is one that’s handy and saves a lot of clicking around in the Ribbon Bar. You can easily add a hyperlink in a Word document by using the CTRL-K keyboard shortcut. Here’s how…

Prior to creating this Word document, I went out to and copied that URL. I then created my Word document, typed in some sample text, and highlighted the word where which is what I want to have be a hyperlink to Google:


Once the word where is highlighted, I press CTRL – K, and it automatically shows the Insert Hyperlink dialog box. I can quickly paste my Google URL into the Address field and click OK:


And now I have my hyperlink without having to try and remember where the hyperlink option is in the Ribbon Bar:


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