Excel navigation using the CTRL and arrow keys

Using the keyboard arrow keys in conjunction with the Control (CTRL) key moves you to the top, bottom, front, and back of the column and rows that you’re in. But of course, I always forget that, so I’m putting this tip out there to remind me…

In this sample spreadsheet, I have cell A1 highlighted:

excel-controlarrowkeys-20181031-1 - Copy

The first place I want to go is to the bottom of column A, so I can press CTRL and the Down arrow on my keyboard, and I’m transported to cell A6:

excel-controlarrowkeys-20181031-2 - Copy

From there, I can press CTRL and the Right arrow to go to the end of row 6, and I end up at cell C6:

excel-controlarrowkeys-20181031-3 - Copy

To get back up to the top, I use CTRL and the Up arrow to get to the top of column C, and I end up at cell C1:

excel-controlarrowkeys-20181031-4 - Copy

And finally, CTRL and the Left arrow takes me to the start of row 1, and puts me back in cell A1:

excel-controlarrowkeys-20181031-5 - Copy

One thing to keep in mind… the CTRL – Arrow key combo takes you to the first BLANK cell in the column or row. So if you have a huge spreadsheet with a number of blank cells in the column you’re in, you might want to move over to a column that doesn’t have blank cells if you want to get all the way to the bottom with the CTRL – Down combination.

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