Adding comments in your Excel spreadsheet

There have been times I would have liked to have made a note or two in a spreadsheet so I could remember something associated with a piece of data. I wish I had known about adding comments, but I do now!

In this spreadsheet, I want to attach a comment to cell C10. I right-click on the cell and select the Insert Comment option:


A yellow comment section shows up, and I can start typing. I can put as much as I want out there, and I can also use the handle buttons around the yellow comment field to reformat the box to make it wider or longer. I can tell I have a comment attached to this cell as there is a red triangle in the upper-right corner of the cell:


If I right-click on that cell again, I’ll see options to Edit, Delete, or Hide the comment:


You can also use the Review > Comments area of the Excel Ribbon Bar to do all the same functions plus a few more, such as showing all the comments at once:


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