Changing the date format in your Outlook Inbox

Depending on how you format your Inbox layout in Outlook, you may be interested to save as much room as possible to show more information in the Subject column or have more room for the preview pane. Sandra showed me a way to reformat the date column that works really well for me.

In this case, my Sent column has day of week, the date, and the time listed. I really don’t need all that. So, I can right-click on the Sent column header, and select View Settings:


In the View Settings, I select Format Columns:


By default, Outlook chooses Best Fit for the Sent column:


However, by using the dropdown arrow for Format, I see a number of other options, one of which is the date in MM/DD/YYYY format, which is perfect for me:


The change is now made, and I can click OK:


As you can now see, my Sent column is much slimmer while still showing me the core information I want to know:


There is a drawback in that I lose the In Folder: Day Of Week grouping, but I don’t think that’s as important to me as just seeing the dates in a slimmed down fashion. I really don’t care about seeing the day of the week, and I also don’t care about seeing what time the email came in. I can see that in the email preview pane if I’m interested.

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