Windows 10 behavior when copying duplicate files

So while this isn’t technically an Office software tip, it is something you’ll see if you’re trying to copy Microsoft Office (or any other) files from one place to another if you’re on Windows 10.

It used to be if you were trying to copy a file that was a duplicate of one in the destination location, you got a single screen that gave you the option to keep the original, copy over the new version, or keep both (and add a number at the end of the duplicated file being copied). Now that is split up in two screens.

The first of the two screens looks like this:


You still have the option to replace the file or keep the original. However, you need to click on Compare Info For Both Files in order to get the option to keep both of them. That will give you the following screen:


You can select either one to copy/keep, but if you want to save both (with a number at the end of the duplicate file), select both of the file options and click Continue. When you get done, both files will be in the destination location.

I feel like this is a bit more cumbersome than the old method, but the functionality is the same.

1 Comment

  1. Great… but how do I make that the default every time so I don’t have to open a second dialog box and click multiple checkboxes every time?


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