Adding Page Breaks to your Word document

We’ve all been there… you have a Word document where the last few lines of a paragraph spill over to a new page, and you would rather have it all together. Rather than try and manually move the paragraph down to the new page with line breaks, it’s better to use the Page Break feature in Word to do that!

Here we have an example of a paragraph that spans a page break, and I want it to actually be a solid chunk of text when it appears in the document. To use the Page Break feature, place the cursor where you want the page break to occur, and then select Insert > Page Break:


You now have the Bananaaa paragraph (yes, this was a Minion Ipsum generator) starting on a new page:


Furthermore, if you added more text that pushed the prior content further down the page, Word would automatically adjust this content to make sure that the Bananaaa paragraph always starts on a new page.


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