Creating columns in a Word document

Normally I’m content using a Word layout that stretches from the left to the right margins. But there are times when I’d like to have a layout that looks more like a newspaper or magazine, where there are two or three columns running down the page.

Well, you can do that in Word…

In a blank Word document, select Page Layout > Columns:


When you click on Columns, you get a dropdown asking how many columns you want to use on your page. In this example, I’m using two, but I could also click More Columns to customize my column layout:


Once that’s done, you’ll see the two columns in the ruler at the top of your blank page:


If you don’t see the ruler, select View > Ruler:


Now when you type or paste in your text, it will appear in two columns on the page. When the text gets to the bottom of the first column, it will continue at the top of the second column:


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