Setting the Default Paste option in OneNote

This tip was pointed out to me by a colleague and was originally pointed out in this post Can I set the default paste in OneNote as “Keep Text Only”? It’s a nice way to make OneNote paste content in the way that’s most applicable to your working style.

After copying something you want to paste into OneNote, go to the point where you want to insert the content and right-click at that spot. You will get a pop-up menu of Paste Options where you can choose various paste formatting options. In this case, I want it to copy the content in text-only format:


Once the paste takes place, you’ll see a little Paste Clipboard icon with a dropdown arrow. When you click that, you’ll get the Paste Options pop-up with the option to Set as Default Paste:


From now on, your regular pasting into OneNote will use that default Paste style without you having to use multiple mouse clicks.

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