Getting Outlook notifications for important emails

A colleague recently figured out a way to make sure that he’s notified in Outlook when he receives emails from specific people. He passed it along to us, and we’re passing it along to you. 🙂

When you set up this type of a mail rule, you’ll get a pop-up dialog box in Outlook when an email arrives from a specific person or group. You can then open the email from that pop-up.

Keep in mind that this only works from the Outlook client, and you have to be running Outlook at the time the email arrives for this to work.

From within Outlook, select Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts:


Click on New Rule:


In the Stay Up to Date section, select Display mail from someone in the New Item Alert Window option so you can update the Step 2: Edit the rule description section:


Click on the people or public group link to add the name(s) of the persons or groups you want to flag for notification:


Once you click OK, then click on the a specific message link to title the pop-up dialog box:


Click Finish to activate the rule:


Now when you get emails from that person or group, you’ll get a pop-up dialog box:


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