Locking the Track Changes feature in Word

Sometimes the Track Changes feature in Word is a nice convenience, but at other times it’s a critical requirement to make sure no one changed the contents of a document. To prevent someone from hiding their changes by turning off the Track Changes feature, you can add a password to lock people out from turning it on and off. Here’s how that works…

To lock the Track Changes feature, select Review > Track Changes > Lock Tracking:


You will see a Lock Tracking dialog box allowing you to enter a password. Keep in mind that this doesn’t password-protect the entire document (it’s not a security feature). It only controls the ability to turn tracking on and off:


Now if someone tries to use the Track Changes option, they’ll get a message saying that command is disabled, and needs to be unlocked first:


To unlock the feature, simply select Lock Tracking and provide the password that was initially added:


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