How to Write Effective Emails that People Will Actually Read

Most of the time, the tips here at One Minute Office Magic are technical how-to examples. But sometimes I read something that is a bit more general, but is *very* important in terms of being effective with the Office tools that you have. In this case, I read the following article: How to Write Effective Emails that People Will Actually Read. They cover six points that can greatly improve the effectiveness of your email communication:

  • Know Your “Why”
  • Remember Your Subject Line is a Headline
  • Be Brief – People are Busy
  • Avoid Tangents and Stick to Your Point
  • Consider What’s In It For Them
  • Be Genuine

It’s a quick read, and the information related to each point makes a lot of sense. I strongly advise taking a minute out of your day, clicking on the link, and seeing how you can improve the emails you send on a day/hourly/minutely (yes, it’s a word now because I used it) basis.

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