Adjusting Outlook incoming email alerts

Do you wish there was some way to be notified when new emails come in? Do you hate the fact that you *do* get notified when new emails come in?

You can adjust those types of settings in Outlook by going to the File Tab in the upper left corner, and then selecting Options:


In the Options dialog box, click on Mail and scroll to the Message Arrival area:


From here, you can turn on (or turn off) the Display a Desktop Alert feature. If you have the Desktop Alert feature turned on, you can click the Desktop Alert Settings button to alter the way the pop-up message appears on your screen:


You can adjust the duration and transparency of the pop-up box, as well as previewing the setting to see how it looks in actual use:


By using these features, you can either prevent distractions or make it easier to respond to incoming messages… it’s up to you!

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