Seeing who was in a Skype meeting

Have you ever been in a Skype meeting, and wondered who all attended after the fact? Here’s a cool trick to see who was in the meeting…

The people are listed and saved in your Conservation History folder in Outlook:


In my example, I had a meeting with Kim Ritter, T Nguyen, and Sandra Mahan. When the call was done, the Conversation History is updated with a record of that call:


When you open up the email entry, it tells you when the call was, how long the call was for, and a list of all the attendees (along with their contact links):


This is perfect for being able to report back on who was on a large conference call after it’s over.


  1. This is very limited functionality. For example, it does not tell you when an attendee joined, or for how long they stayed. As I am giving lectures online with Skype for Business, I need that functionality. I have read that something like that is possible through Microsoft Teams, but my institution have not enabled that yet, and even then, it is only possible for an admin and not thee organizer of the meeting.


  2. This is very useful. Thank you. A quick question. The people it has recorded as in the conversation, is that at the start, or towards the end, or is it the total number, who entered even if just for 5 minutes. I don’t have the same requirement as Michel above. I just need to know what was the number it reached at its height anywhere in the call.


  3. Is this a function you have to turn on with Skype? My fiance has Skype but he didn’t have any recent emails and all of his work meetings are through Skype. He had a meeting with over 60 attendees and previous they would take a picture of the attendees to know who was on the meeting.


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