Finding all the emails in a conversation thread in Outlook

I’m sure you’ve had the issue before… you have a number of emails related to a particular thread, but one of them had a piece of information that didn’t get copy and pasted in the Reply follow-ups. You’ve filed some of the emails, trashed others, and the rest are in your inbox…

How do you find the entire history without spending a ton of time searching through various folders? Use the Find Messages In This Conversation feature!

Here I have an email that’s opened in a separate window (this doesn’t work in Preview mode):


In order to find all the emails I have related to that conversation, I go into the Ribbon Bar in the Editing section and choose the option Related > Messages In This Conversation:


The result is a nicely ordered list of all the email and Skype chats I’ve had that were part of the same thread:



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