Using the Pen to mark up your PowerPoint slides

As a follow-up to the last PowerPoint tip, here’s how you can mark up your PowerPoint slides with an electronic “pen” when you’re presenting.

Once you’ve started your slide show, you can click on the Pen icon in the lower-left corner and select the Pen option (or just use the CTRL-P shortcut):

A little red dot will appear on your screen to show you where the Pen is located. Click and hold the left mouse key, and you’ll be able to draw on the slide to emphasize certain information:

If you want to erase all the markup on the slide, you can select the Erase All Ink On Slide option, or just press the E key on the keyboard:

Finally, if you want to turn off the Pen (and avoid inadvertent slide scribbling), you can deselect the Pen option, or you can use the shortcut key combination of CTRL-H.

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