Change up your email view columns in Outlook

Most of us use Outlook as it installs “out of the box” when it comes to what we see in our Inbox and other folders. But there’s a lot more information that can be displayed, and you can find that information in the View > Add Columns option:


When you select Add Columns, you’ll see a list of all the additional fields that you can use. In my example here, my original Inbox columns are Importance, Reminder, Attachment, From, Subject, Sent, and Size:


But by selecting some additional columns on the left and using the Add -> button, I can get a different Inbox view that has additional information that might be of interest, such as CC, Message, and To:


The handy thing here is that your changes only affect the folder that you’re currently in. So, you may have a folder where you move items that you’ve flagged for follow-up with due dates. You can change that folder to show the fields that are related to tasks and due dates, making it a lot more useful when you go in to scan the contents.

Take some time to try out Add Column and see what adding and removing columns can do for your Inbox efficiency.

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