Creating Templates for Common Outlook Emails

It’s not unusual to have a number of repetitive emails that you need to send out on a regular basis. Rather than re-type the email each time (or “forward” an existing email that you need to clean up and edit each time), try creating an Outlook email template.

To start, create a new email that is formatted the way you want it to look. You can also use graphics and attachments if they make sense for your situation:


Once your email is formatted, go to the File tab:


Click on Save As:


Save your email template by saving it as an Outlook Template (*.oft) type:


Now when you want to create a new email using the template, click on New Items > More Items > Choose Form:


In your User Templates in File System folder, you should see your new template. Select it and click Open:


VoilĂ ! You now have a new email pre-formatted and ready to send:


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