Creating Private Draft Pages in SharePoint Online sites

When you’re creating new SharePoint Online pages, you sometimes want that page to *only* be viewable by you (or a select few) while you’re building it out. Now you can with the Private Draft Pages feature. Here’s how that works…

From an existing page in your site, select New > Page:

When your configuration page comes up, select the Create as a private draft option:

Once your page is created, you’ll see two new options at the top of the page… Private draft (to let you know the page is not a normal draft) and Share draft (to share your private draft with select people if needed). Click on Private Draft to modify your sharing options for this page:

That brings up the Page details panel, and the Private draft sharing options are at the bottom of the panel. Click on Manage access if you want to share this private draft with someone else:

Click on Share to pick individuals who will be able to see your private draft:

You can also share your private draft by clicking on the Share draft at the top of the page:

Once you’re done with all your page changes, publish the page like normal, and the page will be available to everyone who has access to the site and pages.

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