Changing your calendar time scale on Outlook for the Web

Depending on how you track your time on your calendar, you may need to adjust your calendar time scale to show more or less detail on your Outlook calendar (the web version, not the Outlook client). This is how that works and what it looks like…

In my web-based Outlook calendar, the default time scale is to show everything in 30 minute segments:

In Settings, I can now change the time scale to anything from 60 minutes (which shows less detail in each calendar entry) down to five minutes (which shows a lot of detail for each calendar entry:

Here’s what my calendar looks like with my time scale changed to 15 minutes. There are now four time segments per hour, and there’s a lot more calendar detail that can show up on each entry:

Just remember… this is only for the web-based version of Outlook. It does not apply to the Outlook client, nor does the Outlook client calendar respect the changes you make on the web-based version.

For more information, check out Change the time increments of your calendar.

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