Using Ctrl+Shift+V to paste text without the underlying formatting

It’s so frustrating when you do Ctrl+C to copy some text, and when you paste it into something like an email, it copies over all the text formatting too. So you head over to Notepad to paste it there (to lose the formatting), and then you copy and paste it into something like Outlook or Teams to get just the text. Today I learned that you can use Ctrl+Shift+V (or Option+Shift+Command+V on a Mac) to paste over content without formatting! Here’s how that works…

I’m in Outlook on the Web, and I created a bit of formatted text. I highlighted the text and did Ctrl+C to copy the text:

Normally if I did a Ctrl+V, I’d get the same text with the same formatting. But instead I did Ctrl+Shift+V, and I got the text of my earlier Ctrl+C, but without the associated formatting:

The only place this doesn’t work is in Word. In Word, you can paste without formatting by going to the Home tab and selecting Paste, and then select the icon with the A on the clipboard:

I’m pretty sure my use of Notepad will take a dive now…

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